Forestry, Revegetation, Carbon and Biomass

Narromine Transplants has supplied seedling and clonal material to the commercial forestry, Carbon sequestration, and Biomass industries for more than 25 years. Production of seedlings at Narromine Transplants starts with the use of modern seed technology in conjunction with precision seeding equipment.

An initial “plug” stage allows for single seeding and transfer of seedlings to the final container.

How We Grow Our Seedlings

We grow all of our seedling material in Hiko V93 cells. These cells allow excellent root development during the seedling phase and the large volume facilitates high moisture retention to minimise transplant shock, particularly when seedlings are to be planted on difficult sites.

Our Specialist Production

Narromine Transplants specialises in the production of eucalyptus and other native species. We also have extensive experience with crops as diverse as tobacco, tomatoes, capsicum, cucurbits, asparagus, potted colour, lettuce, herbs, and many others.


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