Commercial Fruit and
Nut Trees

Narromine Transplants is a member of the Australian Nurserymen’s Fruit Improvement Company (ANFIC). This company holds the intellectual property rights in Australia for a wide range of fruit and nut trees and also includes citrus, fruit tree root stocks, Kiwi Fruit, Blueberries and Raspberries. Access to these varieties has been negotiated with individual breeders around the world and gives ANFIC and its members exclusivity to those varieties in Australia.

ANFIC continues to search for new varieties that afford commercial fruit growers in Australia the same opportunities as growers in other countries and enhances their ability to compete on the same basis for domestic export markets.

Our Innovative Processes

We have developed world first techniques in the propagation of containerised nut trees; including pecans and walnuts. These advances have reduced lead times on new plants allowing for more rapid orchard establishment.

Narromine Transplants grows all of its plants in containers and does not produce any in-ground grown bare root stock. This method of production eliminates many of the problems associated with in-ground grown trees, in particular reducing exposure to soil borne diseases.

We use a range of different sized containers that are matched to each particular tree or vine type and are designed to allow newly transplanted trees to quickly establish themselves, with a minimum of transplant shock.

How We Achieve Efficiency

We are very focused on innovation research in this particular sector of the nursery and continue to seek out and adopt new propagation techniques from around the world. This research will continue to make us more efficient plant growers and allow us to pass onto customers the benefits of that research by way of high quality, high health planting stock.

Our experience includes grafted Grapevines, grafted Citrus, grafted Cherries, grafted Kiwifruit, Pomegranate, Blueberries, grafted Pecans and Walnuts, as well as a range of dwarfing and disease resistant rootstocks.


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