Our Clonal Production Expertise

Narromine Transplants is an industry leader in cutting propagation and clonal development.

Our innovative propagation techniques are modelled on world best practice but modified to produce robust products under Australian conditions.

Our Clonal Operations

We have expanded our clonal operations to include the propagation of containerised grafted fruit & nut trees using methods which will reduce the usual waiting period involved with inground fruit & nut tree production.

We’re also developing cutting-edge techniques in the creation of new clones for the Tea Tree, Honey and Manuka Honey Industries.

Areas of Specialisation

Our clonal production experience includes various Eucalyptus and Corymbia for forestry, ornamental Eucalyptus, Cherries, Grapevines, Kiwifruit, Red Bayberry, Pomegranate, Tea Tree and Manuka/Leptospermum.


To find out more about our clonal production services, call
02 6889 2111

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