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Established in 1982 by the Yates Seeds Group as a vegetable seedling nursery, Narromine Transplants commenced the production of forestry seedlings in 1992.

Since then the nursery has expanded to become one of the largest containerised tree, fruit & nut seedling growers in Australia, on a site consisting of over 61 hectares, with the capacity to supply 18 million tree seedlings annually.

Narromine Transplants has always been innovative in its approach to producing the best quality planting material available.

Our Innovations Include:

  • Introducing Speedling® trays into Australia from South Africa specifically for use in forestry.
  • Adopting the Hiko V93, 40 cell forestry seedling tray which has now become the de facto standard for most Australian forestry companies.
  • Producing the first containerised forestry seedlings for sale to Australian Forest Industries at Myrtleford, Victoria in 1995.
  • Developing a system using sophisticated sowing machinery along with the use of 512 cell plug cells, to ensure high rates of germination and seedling uniformity.
  • Developing techniques for the successful propagation of clonal material – our technique is unique worldwide, and has set the standards for clonal forestry production in Australia.
  • Developing clonal rescue techniques for commercial forestry for the rescue and creation of new clones from the field.
  • Use of mechanical transplanters to reduce our seasonal workforce and cost to clients.
  • Developing seed treatment techniques to ensure standardised germination periods.

Containerising Nut Tree Production

Key Staff

David Cliffe, Managing Director

David Cliffe has been involved in horticulture for 35 years within the seed and nursery industry.

For twenty years, David worked for the Yates Seed Group, as a field officer and parent seed production manager at Griffith, Dubbo, Narromine, Ayr and the Ord River, then as Farm Manager of the Dubbo and Narromine research stations. The amalgamation of two of Yates Seeds research stations into a single entity at Narromine and the first manager of that station.

In 1988, he left Yates to work as General Manager of Australian Plantations, Australia’s first large scale Tea Tree plantation, based at Lismore NSW. Following this he spent a brief period as manager at Lockyer Seedling Producers before returning to Narromine as managing director and owner of Narromine Transplants in 1992.

In 2002 the Nursery and Garden Industry Australia gave David an Award of Honour, followed in 2004 by Life Membership. He was also bestowed with an Award of Honour by the International Plant Propagators Society in 2006.

David has a long history of industry involvement including:

Director 1988, 1993-1995; Vice president 1995-1997; President 1997-1999Nursery Industry Association of Australia
Director 1994-1996; Chairman Greening Australia Council 1996-1999Greening Australia
1988-1999Horticultural Research and Development Corporation Nursery Industry Technical Committee (Member and Chairman)
1994-2000Association Internationale des Producteurs de l’Horticulture (AIPH) (Australian delegate)
2001-2004Horticulture Australia Ltd, Industry Advisory Committee, Nursery Industry (Chairman )
2003-2016Horticulture Australia Ltd, Director
2004-2011Director & International Chairman of the International Plant Propagators Society

David is a current member of:

  • Nursery Industry Association of Australia
  • Australian Forest Growers
  • International Plant Propagators Society
  • Australian Forest Nursery Association

Email: david@transplants.com.au

Alex Cliffe, Operations Manager

Alex Cliffe joined Narromine Transplants in 2007. His role is to manage seedling and vegetative propagation operations and logistics.

Email: alex@transplants.com.au


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